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Thank you for taking an interest in our schools. We are delighted that you are exploring the idea of applying for the newly created role of Executive Headteacher. The position arises because of the retirement of our current headteachers, Sharon McGregor at Bushey and Oxhey Infant School and Peter McCreadie at Bushey Manor Junior School, in August 2015, each after many years of dedicated service.

Bushey and Oxhey Infant School and Bushey Manor Junior School are located within easy walking distance of each other and have a long association – historically, geographically and socially, something that we are now seeking to consolidate through federation. The rationale for federation is outlined in summary in this pack and in detail on our school federation website.

Both schools are well established in the local area, serve the same parents and families, are rated as ‘Good’ by Ofsted, have strong `Parent Teacher Associations and are over-subscribed. The vast majority of the children at Bushey and Oxhey Infant School progress to Bushey Manor Junior School, and the schools work together on joint projects, including an Annual Summer Fair.

This information pack will also inform you further about our school communities, our levels of attainment and our existing staffing and leadership structures.   We hope that you will see that both schools are forward thinking, creative and strive for ever-higher standards from our children.  We do this while offering an educational experience that is broad, innovative and enjoyable for the children in our charge. We want our children to develop self-confidence, a love of learning and respect for all around them. We expect our children to be questioning, eager and enthusiastic in all that they do, and we seek to reflect this in the formal curriculums and the curriculum-enrichment and extra-curricular experiences that we offer.

Both schools place our children at the heart of what we do. We seek to be responsive to specific needs and employ a variety of strategies, interventions, teaching styles and learning opportunities that reflect the varying needs of the individual child or family.   We work closely with outside agencies, including the Local Authority, Hertfordshire, and value our close community links and relationships with colleagues in the education, health and social care sectors.

Our schools are now entering an exciting new phase in our partnership and working relationship through becoming a federation, specifically the Bushey Primary Federation.   We are at the beginning of a journey and are looking for an Executive Headteacher who will be committed and able to lead and guide us through the process of moving from our recently established ‘soft’ federation to a ‘hard’ federation, which we envisage being in place no earlier than summer term 2015-16 and no later than spring term 2016-17. Our intention is that the existing Deputy Heads will become Heads of School at each site and lead on the day-to-day management of the school and teaching.  However, we will seek the input of the Executive Headteacher that we appoint in framing the final leadership structure for the fully federated schools and the precise duties of the Heads of School.

If your application is successful, we want you to recognise, nurture and value the uniqueness of each school whilst developing closer cooperation that the formation of the Bushey Primary Education Federation enables.  We want our schools to progress from ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’ but it is vital that this is the outcome of our efforts, rather than the sole and narrow driver of them. We want our children to achieve all that they can, but we want them to do so though an educational experience that is broad, holistic and rounded rather than singularly academically. Finally, we want to achieve all of this through engaging a supportive parental community, and a range of other community stakeholders, at every opportunity.

We do hope that the prospect of such a challenge is attractive to you and that you will want to proceed with your application.  We have a dedicated team of senior leaders, teachers, support staff, parents and governors committed to working together to provide an exciting and enriching education. You will provide the shared strategic leadership that our newly federated schools now require.

Should you wish to discuss your application further, do not hesitate to e-mail either of us at the addresses below. Alternatively, come and visit us and meet our children and our teachers.

Thank you for your interest in the post of Executive Headteacher. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tony Breslin
Chair of Governing Body
Bushey and Oxhey Infant School

Ann Bowen
Chair of Governing Body
Bushey Manor Junior School