Who do we want

What do our children say?

We asked the School Council members at each school to describe their experience of school. They spoke about:

  •  A ‘warm and welcoming’ atmosphere
  • Active and engaging classrooms
  • A ‘positive attitude to learning’ and ‘friendly staff and pupils’
  • That school is ‘fun (and) cheerful’
  • A ‘comfortable atmosphere’
  • ‘Good’ facilities and resources
  • ‘Delicious’ school dinners
  • ‘Excellent computing equipment’ such as iPads and software to support their learning
  • Our ‘wide range of sports and clubs’
  • ‘Successful and competitive’ teams
  • Our house points system and ‘good rewards’
  • The fact that they were encouraged to be ‘independent’

We also asked them about what kind of qualities they would like to see in their new Executive Headteacher. They would like you to value things like our two school councils, pupil involvement and our playground buddies programme, and they would like you to be:

  • ‘Strict but nice’ and ‘fair and firm’, somebody who ‘sets out guidelines and sticks to them’
  • ‘Funny, friendly and playful’
  • Somebody who has a ‘sense of humour’ and can ‘tell jokes’
  • ‘Kind and caring’ and able to ‘share with others’
  • ‘Happy, cheerful and smiley’
  • ‘Good at writing’
  • Somebody with a ‘loud voice’, who is not afraid to say ‘well done!’
  • ‘Enthusiastic’, somebody who ‘loves trying new things and improving the school’
  • ‘Honest’ and ‘consistent’
  • Somebody who ‘gives us opportunities to learn outside the classroom’
  • ‘Diplomatic’
  • Somebody who ‘respects the schools’ traditions’
  • ‘Organised’ somebody who can plan things
  • Somebody who can ‘be responsible for the whole school’


What do our staff and governors say?

Staff and governors at both of our schools were asked to consider what they would want to see in an Executive Headteacher. These were the most prominent responses given, grouped together in broad themes:


Someone whose personal qualities include:

  • Confidence, determination and self-belief
  • Being a creative thinker and an innovative practitioner
  • Self motivation and the ability to motivate and inspire others
  • Enthusiasm and a ‘can-do’ attitude
  • Openness, honesty and fairness
  • Being approachable, flexible and a good listener
  • Willingness to get involved and be hands-on
  • Willingness to learn and be open to new ideas
  • Having a good sense of humour
  • A willingness to strive for “Outstanding” status at each school, “but on our terms”, such that we remain “child-driven and education-driven, not just Ofsted driven”


A leader to the schools who

  • is willing to nurture the ‘family feeling’ central to the ethos of our schools
  • recognises that our schools are genuinely ‘village’ schools at the heart of their communities
  • will spend equal time at both sites and work hard to unite the two schools
  • commits to the schools and wants to stay for a while


A leader to the children who:

  • has a total commitment to safeguarding
  • has high aspirations for every child and their best interests at heart
  • the children will respect and like but will not want to cross!


A teacher who:

  • has excellent classroom skills
  • isnot too far removed from current classroom practice and “being at the chalk face”


A leader to the staff who:

  • empowers and encourages others and is committed to staff development, including the development of the Heads of School
  • is emotionally intelligent and supportive of staff
  • backs up staff in difficult situations
  • values and promotes work-life balance


A leader whose experience and knowledge includes:

  • the ability to engage parents and other stakeholders
  • a good business head (for instance, confidence with numbers and a grasp of budgets and marketing)
  • being able to grasp data and can act on it, without being driven by it
  • agood understanding of the strengths and areas for development of both schools
  • beingup to date with current initiatives
  • experience across the primary phase, including Early Years experience (either in Nursery or Reception or in the Infant years)



As with the comments of our children, we have tried to weave these qualities into the Person Specification for the role.